Streaming & Live Class Hybrid 2 (diary entry)

vijay cross class128.07.21

After two private lessons/rehearsals with Forest School of Karate, I was live-streamed into their class. With Covid restrictions having been lowered I was able to coach their class directly on focus mitt work. This hybrid lesson also used inspiration from highlight videos I was able to share with all attendees. The videos, as per the previous blogged private lessons, were:

Alexis Arguello – Straight Right

Joe Louis – Cross

Thomas Hearns – Chopping Right

Rocky Marciano – Overhand

These techniques were trained as part of line-work, on focus mitts and then as partner drills. We looked at technique/fluidity, speed and power as well as putting them into combinations and how to set each of them up. As previously covered we looked using double-jabs and slipping as part of the set up process.


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