Straight Right & Low Round Kick (diary entry)

low round kick sololow kick jamiedownward cross29.08.2023

Lesson three of the teenage brothers’ Muay Thai course layered in the straight right and the low round kick. We warmed up with some line-work and footwork exercises, gently introducing techniques covered in the previous lesson. All defences were layered onto forward, backward, lateral and pivoting footwork. Teeps were used as dynamic stretching exercises and then we chained on the straight right to the jab.

I explained the difference between a straight right and a cross. We also looked at the Thai version of the cross and why I prefer to teach the Western Boxing version for now. Correct muscle activation and retaining balance was addressed first through line-work and then using a resistance band to work the retrieval of a straight right.

Moving on the low round kick, we went through all the basic mechanics. We looked at stepping on an angle to open the hips, using the arm to throw weight over the kick and finally the guarding hand across the face. When targeting, we covered using the shin correctly and striking at a downward angle. These were first properly applied to the thigh (the sciatic nerve) and then performed on the pads.

The brothers then paired up for some one-for-one sparring. They began with just jabbing, working their cover and parrying defences. Then they layered in teeps.  Jab/cross was introduced and finally the low round kick. I took each of them individually for Tabata protocol burnouts

  1. jab/cross
  2. lead teeps
  3. straight rights
  4. rear teeps
  5. rear low kicks
  6. jabbing
  7. upper body defence
  8. shin checks


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