Straight Right and Crosses (diary entry)

downward cross29.04.21

Thursday night saw one of my teacher consultancy clients book me for his second lesson in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we focused on the right cross. This was an online virtual training lesson conducted via Zoom. However, he had his son present, which allowed me to coach them both on the focus mitts.

At the beginning I explained the rather sinistrist attitude towards southpaws that described a basic rear straight punch as “straight right”. However, these days most people use the term cross to mean either a straight right (or straight left) and an actual cross. The cross is distinguished by cutting across the opponent’s centre line. We trained both and looked at the mechanics used that turn this into an effective power punch. Then we looked at variations, such as the Thomas Hearns’ chopping cross, the overhand (Jack Johnson, Rocky Marciano’s “Sweet Suzie Q” and Muhammad Ali’s “anchor punch”) and the jabbing cross. However, when it came to focus mitt we are we all about isolating the basic straight right and the cross. Once the body mechanics and accompanying behaviours were covered, we moved onto integrating into footwork, defences and in simple combinations.



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