Stand-up to Clinch Fighting Extended Session (diary entry)

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On Wednesday night I was honoured with a visit from Holstebro Taekwondo’s chief instructor, Mikael Oddershede and senior instructor Kim Frandsen, to teach a private three-hour session on stand-up to clinch fighting. These are the two Danish instructors I helped in the development of their sparring programme via virtual teaching consultancy last year. Having first met Mikael when I taught for Jan Drachman’s  Hinnerup Karate in November 2019 (my second teaching visit to Denmark), I have been happy to assist in his personal development and the development of his association. Both Mikael and Kim (along with Jan Drachmann and Flemming Anderson) are some of the best examples of pragmatic and progressive traditionalists in the martial arts world.

I was assisted by one of my regular private clients. We focused on clinch from a combat sport perspective, training it from a Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts perspective. I was also able to mix in inspirations from classic boxing.

We covered the following concepts:

  1. Out-Boxing strategy to clinch (Jack Johnson, Joey Maxim and Rocky Castellani)
  2. Shovel hooks, over-hands and uppercut power shots at close range
  3. Shoeshine uppercuts in transition
  4. Henry Armstrong and Roberto Duran clinching tactics
  5. Dirty Boxing combinations to create distance (shoulder bumps, elbow bumps and knee bumps)
  6. Peek-a-boo entries (switch-hitting and angle manipulation)
  7. Muay Thai stand-up to clinch to stand-up (outside plum, spear knees, post and kick)
  8. Mixed Martial Arts (see the switch-jab work taught yesterday




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