Stand-up Fighting & Conditioning (diary entry)

shin block


Tonight my client had an interval from our transitioning programme and we decided to focus on the stand-up range with appropriate conditioning. The lesson provided more of a review of previous material found in Western Boxing and Muay Thai as well as combining them. We warmed up with some mobility and callisthenic exercises before moving onto mirror footwork. Because today’s lesson was focused on mainly the stand-up range we spent more time changing stances and being mindful about angling. This can be a very instructive form of partner-work with the fighter becoming more aware about covering ground and preserving space.

We built on the footwork exercise with attacking and defending techniques. This began with boxing-only moves, looking at slips, jabs and crosses first and then bobbing, weaving, hooks and uppercuts next. These were isolated as drills and then immediately performed as specific sparring exercises. Finally they were integrated into both drills and sparring. Then we did the same with teeps, round-kicks and clinching, all coupled with punching combinations and trained as isolation drills and then as specific sparring. This ended with Muay Thai sparring.

The second half of the lesson was aimed pad-work conditioning. I have to give credit to Shane at Fight Tips for his 20 minute heavy bag routine, which I adapted to the pads.

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