Stand up Combination 4 (diary entry)

check superman punch (1)check superman punch 3 (1)25.01.21

Monday night’s third and final lesson was also the final half hour of a kickboxing course I have been delivering to the Athena School of Karate. We are working through rhythm and flow Kickboxing/Muay Thai combinations over a 4 x 30 minute session course. I am delighted that Athena wish to book me back to continue with this series of combinations. Tonight we attacked combination number 4, which is an especially explosive series of techniques.

As part of the warm-up I made the decision to break down not only the big movements in this combination but also the connecting fluidity. We began with the shin checks. Then we moved onto the lead leg power round kick. First I taught it as a switch kick to get the momentum right, next I began scaling it down into a pendulum kick and finally we did the lead kick off the spot. This was then paired with the shin-check, as it is performed at the beginning of the combination. We then looked at using a rear shin-check to set up a cobra or superman punch. Then we brought the pendulum footwork in again to pair up the shin-check/superman punch with a lead leg round kick. With these key techniques and movements addressed it was all about putting the full combination together – shin-check/lead round kick to the body/drop-down cross to the body/lead hook to the head/read round kick to the body/rear shin-check/superman punch/pendulum step into lead round kick.

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Hard Skills 4

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