Sprawls and Sit-Outs (diary entry)

sit out escape3




The first of Thursday night’s lessons was the eighth hour of my junior duo’s course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We revised material taught in Saturday’s lesson and then focused on takedown defence.


The lesson began with dynamic stretching and wrestling callisthenics. Then we went through break-falls and rolls. This was followed by revision on the collar and elbow tie into outer reap throws and two-on-ones. From two-on-ones we trained waist-lock takedowns, suplexes and single-leg takedowns. We then changed to under-hooking. Finally we drilled double takedowns in preparation for the takedown defence.


Takedown defence began with sprawling. We trained three types of sprawls as muscle memory solo exercises before moving onto the application. Here we did a progressive resistance exercise from a double leg takedown. Then we switched to the sit-out. This was also trained in a similar fashion.

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