Sprawling, Takedowns & Hunting for Matsuri Dojo, Pitsea (diary entry)

hunting the target28.11.20

My second Saturday session saw me virtually return, via the magic of Zoom, to the Ryukyuakan Okinawa Karate and Kobdudo, Matsuri Dojo in Pitsea, Basildon Essex for seventh hour of children’s self-protection. Last session we looked at the reasons why grappling in self-defence was generally avoided in high risk situations, when it was needed in high situations and its place in medium to low risk situations. I also explained that, for the most part, the grappling explored would be dealing with predators that were around the same size as the victims. Finally, after reviewing and reinforcing striking and tactical escape training, we delved into the clinch, learning it in order to learn how to train against it.

Today’s lesson went straight into the grappling, reviewing the basic clinching positions. We looked at sprawling and knee strikes as well as hunting the target and clearing obstructions to prevent being gripped. This action was coached with the target-holder using different grappling positions. The person striking should also mimic these positions to prevent being taken down. Next lesson we will move onto more direct anti-grappling tactics.




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