Spin Kicks & Escaping the Knee Pin (diary etnry)


Striking from the knee pin101.05.2019

Wednesday evening saw the nephew and uncle team respectively cover Muay Thai back-kicks, spinning kicks and sparring, and Submission Grappling escapes from the knee-pin into x-guard. It was an exceptionally productive and fruitful two lessons.


The junior lesson began with some work on eliminating delays between punch and kick combinations. Muay Thai’s rhythmic delivery method is particularly effective in this respect. From here we went through the basic combinations and counters covered over the past series of lessons. We then looked at set ups for the spinning elbow. This led us back onto the back-kick introduced in the previous lesson with two different set ups. Then we began work on the spinning heel kick (see Saturday’s first lesson for more on this technique). This was followed by two rounds of sparring and one intensive round of technique/speed/power.


During my senior lesson warm-up we looked at one-footed bridging and how to incorporate the knee-shield into callisthenic training. This would be crucial to the knee-pin escape. We looked at bridging, snaking and then bring the knee-shield up to counter the pin. From here we brought in the x-guard sweep into a knee-bar. The lesson finished with two rounds of specific sparring, defending the knee-pin progressively from each side.


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