Speed Training and Conditioning for Muay Thai (diary entry)

chamber kick29.11.2021

My client reached the third hour of his latest Muay Thai/Kickboxing course. Tonight he wanted to focus more on speed development. Speed like power are attributes that are best developed with good technique. The order of training should go technique, speed and then power. For example, fluidity through technique is great basis for adding more speed. As Rodney King better put it, “If you can’t do it slow, you can’t do it.”

However, I incorporated specific exercises to increase agility, faster synaptic responses and targeted the fast-twitch muscles. This included techniques used to speed up the hands, restricted training so that only the hands would strike and oblique muscle activation. After building up four combinations where kicks were chained onto punches, I incorporated them into a round of freestyle pad-work. We finished with a technique/speed/power intensive round.

My client also requested routines to be getting on with when he is away, at home and in the gym.

Home/Hotel Room Training

This work should alway priorotorise technique training. If you want to get better at martial arts then training martial arts. There is no way of getting faster or more powerful with your techniques than to actually practise the techniques.

5-15 rounds of shadow boxing and/or bag work, isolating specific techniques and combinations previously covered in lessons needs to be a basic more training. There are also many online videos, including mine, that you can simply follow along.

Supplement it with good callisthenics – press-ups, pull-ups/inverted rows, squats, lunges and bodyweight dead lifts.

Cardio – Sprint interval training and burpee routines

Free Weights Gym

Don’t miss the opportunity to train for strength as a priority. Focus on the three major lifts and theme your workout accordingly – Bench, Squat and Dead Lift. You should sandwich your main lift (5 x 5 reps) between two variations that of that lift (3 x 10 reps). The first three sets are your muscle activation exercises and the your third three sets following the major strength lift is a type of conditioning. After this do some explosive lifts such single arm snatches with kettlebells or dumbbells or long weighted jumps.

Commercial Gym

Use cable crossover machines to work all the main plains of movement for 3 x 10 reps. Use the treadmill for sprint interval training. Use any of their light dumbbells for burpees, high and long jumps for explosive work.




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