Speed, Footwork and the Slip (diary entry)


This morning’s 5:30 a.m. lesson brought my client up to the third hour of his Basic Course in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. Subjects today included bringing the cross more into the regular action, further developing footwork and introducing the slip.


We began with solo footwork exercises, which were built on with punching. Then we covered a couple of exercises designed to promote better speed and defence when punching. The first one looked at just getting the hands to move faster, isolating the delivery point of the jab and the cross. The next consisted of having my client hold focus mitts to his ribs using his elbows whilst punching. This helps work against flaring when punching and further isolates the hand speed. After this did some simple target work and mirror footwork.


I then trained slipping to the outside and inside. This was done without a guard, with a guard and then in conjunction with the jab and the cross. We then connected it to the footwork. I also showed him a few exercises that can be done to work the slipping action.

Bob and weave

The lesson finished with 3 x 3-minute rounds of proactive pad-work. This is part of an exercise I developed develop years ago with students at my Kenilworth class. It was also taught at the seminar I ran in Denmark. The first round consists of flash-pad work. The fighter hits the targets when they become available without prompting. It is an aggressive, reaction test of sorts. The next round is entirely concerned with defence, working footwork, parrying and slipping. The final round brings it all together.

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