Specific Sparring for Transitions (diary entry)




The transitional series of MMA lessons looked a lot at pressure tonight. We began with various specific exercises, dealing with the three transitions and four postures. These were layered with techniques. We tried moving backwards and forwards along the mats whilst moving into submission holds. Stand-up work focused on Western Boxing and Muay Thai set-ups. Next week we might bring in some takedown entries and combination that link the postures. After applying strikes from all the postures and all the transitions on the focus mitts we turned to sparring.


The rest of the class was entirely concerned with specific sparring.


3 minutes MMA fighting holding closed guard

3 minutes MMA fighting inside the closed guard

3 minutes MMA fighting using long and mid-range guards

3 minutes MMA fighting against long and mid-range guards

3 minutes MMA clinch fighting


I was satisfied that my client is showing more fluid movement.

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