Sparring to Collect Data (diary entry)

low kick jamie05.06.19

Wednesday night saw my junior client finish his long and extended course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Next week we will begin his Clinch/Stand-up Grappling course. The senior class that follows was largely based on stand-up sparring – Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

The junior class consisted of 6 x 3 minute rounds of Boxing and Muay Thai. The first two were on the focus mitts and the next four were sparring. We went over basic Western Boxing concepts in the first round, focusing on footwork and head movement as well as various combinations. The next round covered basic Muay Thai concepts, looking at working each of the “eight limbs” together in different ways as well as the clinch, sweeps and counters such as the kick catch. The next two rounds were Western Boxing sparring and the last two rounds were Muay Thai sparring. Overall this has been a great course with my junior client now not only with a solid grounding in two different stand-up disciplines but also knowledge on how to effective blend them.

The senior lesson followed a similar round-based format. We did one round of Western Boxing on the focus mitts and one round of Muay Thai on the focus mitts. This was followed by two rounds of Western Boxing sparring, two rounds of Muay Thai sparring, one round of Muay Thai clinch and then one five minute round of Mixed Martial Arts. This will all serve to inform a more technique-based lesson next week. This is one of the best ways I have found for tailoring future lessons.

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