Sparring Drills (diary entry)

Boxing Jab shin block muay thai


My first Saturday morning client completed his sixth hour in stand-up striking. We have decided to keep this course within the stand-up striking range and concentrate on MMA in the next course.

Warm-ups consisted of agility and coordination work. We moved through the ladders, increasing step cadence and working off angles. The cones allowed for L-steps, V-steps and switch-hitting. Then we went into one-for-one partner warm-ups. This included teep exchanges, jab exchanges and combination exchanges before moving onto focus mitt/belly pad work and Thai focus mitt work. Then we went into five three-minute rounds of sparring drills.

Round One

The 1,2,3 Drill consist of each fighter taking turns to fire one technique then two techniques together and three techniques together whilst the other one intercepts, blocks, parries and evades.

Rounds Two and Three

One fighter attacks only whilst the other defends only.

Rounds Four and Five

One fighter is permitted only to kick whilst the other is permitted only to punch.

The lesson finished with PNF stretching.

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