Social Violence (diary entry)

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My last lesson on Tuesday night was a continuation of my teacher development course for Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub in Denmark. We are in hour two but, with the previous lesson being a general overview of self-protection, this was really the beginning of the actual soft skills learning.

Our focus today was on social violence and how it needs to be taught to adults and children. The following points were observed and discussed:

  • Escalation of aggression and timescale
  • Core reasons behind social violence
  • Gender differences – men vs women escalation
  • How social violence is exhibited by children
  • Scaling down of physical responses in proportion to context
  • “Fighting”
  • Social Violence Pre-Incident Indicators
  • Criminal responsibility. This starts at 10 in England Wales, 12 in Scotland and 15 in Denmark. There have been debates regarding lowering the age of criminal responsibility due to this law being manipulated by adult criminals who use children to traffic drugs and even carry out assassinations.

Sources for this lesson included two different versions of my children’s self-protection courses, Joe Saunders’ “Managing Violence” and notes for the upcoming Animal Instincts children’s self-protection programmes.