Slipping the Jab for MMA (diary entry)



Tonight’s lesson on Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training brought us up to the three hour point. We revised some of the previous lesson’s material and then focused on stand-up to clinch transitioning, finishing with a groundwork conditioning exercise.


We warmed up with footwork add-ons. We began with western boxing and then adding on Muay Thai techniques, followed by bulling and pummelling from wrestling and then some basic movement drills attacking and defending the guard on the ground.


Training in earnest began on the focus mitts. The jab was used as a key reference point for the bulk of the material covered today. Here we isolated and expanded upon the use of the slip. This began with slipping the jab and following up with an overhand punch. The overhand punch was then replaced with a low round kick and then it was replaced with a single-leg takedown.


Next we used the slip/jab as a means for executing an arm triangle clinch-hold. Here we used it as a means for controlling an opponent whilst throwing knees. Then we used it as a takedown and a submission on the ground.


The lesson was finished with some pin transitions on the ground whilst incorporating strikes to the focus mitts.


We discussed solo activities to tran the slip. This included using the edge of a door or pillar, as well turning a tennis ball on a bit of string into a slip-bag.

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