Slip/Jab & Hook (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker30/08/18


Tonight brought my client up to his fourth hour in Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued working on building strong connections between footwork, upper body movement and the jab and the cross punches. We also continued to develop better muscle activation for the hook.


Training began with a punching warm-up. We went through some basic line-work and speed exercises, taking time to train through the various links of a punch; striking off the elbows for speed, loose punching with the shoulders to promote better mobility and then using the entire body from feet through the hinging action of the hips for the entire technique.


Next we trained the slip/jab through a progressive exercise. It began as line-work. Then my client practised slipping in isolation against an outstretched fist. He then slipped and punched outside and inside. I then had him randomly alternate between slipping and slip/punching. The exercise was progressed to a timing drill, where the outstretched fist now pumped punches constantly at the same tempo. Finally these punches were thrown with a progressive level of randomness and resistance. This was then taken onto the focus mitts to develop more impact.


The hook was isolated and work was done on improving the torqueing action of the core. Both lead and rear hooks were trained. The entire behaviour began with a simple rotation exercise. Here we emphasised the importance of weight distribution throughout the punch and promoted the right twisting motion in the core. The arms were just swung. Next the punches were introduced. I worked on retaining the guard and the right moment to bring the elbow up to execute the hook. We then put it into the basic three-punch combination. Here we looked at the transitions between the cross and the hook.



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