Sleeve Grips and X Guard (diary entry)



Today’s second double lesson focused on gi and no-gi grappling. We began with set-ups for lowline takedowns in the gi section. This started with the double leg takedown, where the double lapel or sleep upward grips preface the actual takedown. We discussed the similarity with the high to lowline jab or even the high jab to double leg takedown. Keeping on the theme of sleeve grips we looked at the downward sleeve grab used to obtain a single leg takedown entry. Here the sleeve grip is used to pin the arm to the leg before the single leg is executed. In both cases we looked at controlling the opponent properly after the takedown.


We then moved onto spider-guard. This began with re-setting the guard from each side. We then went into a closer position with the non-trapping leg lain across the opponent’s stomach. This is a good set up for a sweep and bicep crush.


The no-gi section focused on the X guard. This is not always the easiest of techniques to learn. It begins from half-guard and the fighter attacks the leg on the opposite side, creating space in the process. He then under-hooks the leg and responds to his opponent getting up by placing his feet against his opponent’s leg, forming an X shape. This creates leverage to unbalance the opponent and go for a leg-lock.


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