Sixth Self-Protection Course at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)



Kingham Hill School began their sixth Self-Defence/Self-Protection course with me in their new sports centre. This means I have access to more facilities to better deliver this constantly developing service. With mock exams in progress, I had a smaller group today. I used this situation to prepare those who learnt today to help train the new attendees next week. We covered the basics on pre-fight personal security, tactical escapes, sprawls and covers as well as pre-emptive striking.


The floor was opened up for discussions on justification for considering different options when faced with a confirmed threat. We looked at judgement calls and general attitude in self-protection. Tactical escape training consisted of purposeful walking, commentary walking, controlling breathing under stress, changing direction, agility running, serpentine running, accessing real exits, covering and sprawling. Pre-emptive striking was tested, demonstrating why blocking at close range is a very unreliable tactic, and then applied with target familiarisation and then delivered with full power against focus mitts.

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