Six Rounds of Muay Thai & Escaping Side Control (diary entry)

LOCKDOWN liver kick03.04.19


Wednesday evening continued the Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training course for one of my junior client’s immediately followed by his uncle’s regular martial arts cross-training. The former brought everything together over a series of six three-minute rounds. The latter finished going over going through MMA for the ground top position and began work on defending from underneath, beginning with escapes from pins.


The junior lesson began with mirror-footwork and then mitt-work. Rounds one, two and three began with attack moves and then moved into more counter techniques from the stand-up range. Rounds four through to six focused on the clinch, including sweeps, blocks and breakaway techniques.


The senior lesson began with a series of callisthenic movement exercises for the ground, including the various crawls before moving onto the pin transitioning. The pin transitions began with just moving from position to the next. This was then layered on with a submission at each pin. Next we transitioned using a striking combination. Finally we transitioned with strikes being used to set up submissions.

Next we moved onto escaping from side control. The first escape involved rolling the opponent into side control. The second looked at getting half-guard then lockdown and the electric chair sweep.


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