Situational Awareness for Young People (diary entry)

situational awareness webinar 2 situational awareness webinar28.06.20

On Sunday I was invited to continue my online adaptation of “When Parents Aren’t Around”. Our attention fell on situational awareness. The lesson began with some simple physical exercises emphasising the importance of posture – becoming a hard target – responding to sudden changes with tactical escapes, striking and covering, and negotiating obstacles. I then introduced the class to videos that demonstated inattentional blindness. As per my teacher training lesson last Tuesday, I then set up an exercise that tested tunnel vision, auditory exclusion and inattentional blindness. This is the first time this particular exercise/test was set up online, but it proved to be quite effective and highlighted how senses can be switched off either through exertion or focusing on one task. We then moved onto the Jeff Cooper Colour Code and broke down the definition of a threat.


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