Sit Out & Suplex! (diary entry)

SUPLEXsit out escape1 (2) sit out escape2 (2) sit out escape3 (2)11.06.19

Tuesday night my client finished the eighth hour of his 10 hour basic clinch/stand-up grappling course. We looked more at linking up different takedowns, counters, introduced the suplex and worked more on defence. Training also went to the ground from a wrestling perspective.

After wrestling callisthenics and dynamic stretching we went straight into bulling and pummelling exercises. From here we revised the outer reap throw, waist-locks, two-on-ones, sweeps, single legs and double leg takedowns. Then we linked up arm-drags with double-leg takedowns and foot-sweeps with the single leg takedown. Moving onto sprawling, we looked at taking the back and other follow techniques after sprawling. I introduced the sit-out escape as a counter to the sprawl.

Tonight’s technique was the back suplex. We went through blocking the hip with a waist-lock and the leg, the corkscrew lift, arch and completion of the throw.

The lesson finished with one five minute round of takedown sparring.

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