Single Weave Deconstruction (diary entry)

muay thai small216.06.21

Wednesday night’s first client worked on the single weave pattern in stick fighting. After our usual warm-up using the sticks for mobility, dynamic stretching, callisthenics and to promote better dexterity and coordination, we revised the flow strike pattern. This was done as solo and partner drills. The movement involves the first and 11th angles I teach with the single stick. Next we went through the single weave in a similar fashion and then separated the sequence. The single weave involes angles one and two – 2 x angle one and 2 x angle two. At the end we isolated the 2 x angle two strikes.

My second client went through 14 combinations at the roll of the dice. As with my other clients, this test skill retention and begins the programme to better blend these combinations in with the rest of their stand-up work.