Single Legs and the 300

Armlock shown is a straight arm bar (juji-gatame)

Armlock shown is a straight arm bar (juji-gatame) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Double leg takedown.

Double leg takedown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The straight ankle lock is a standard leglock ...

The straight ankle lock is a standard leglock that hyperextends the ankle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Junior Class


With the pressure of the grading over, the class focused away from self-defence and back onto MMA. The class began with a sport specific student-led warm-up. At the group’s request we transitioned from clinch to ground and submissions. We began with some grip fighting to work for positioning. Then we looked at the single leg takedown. This moved onto the knee-bar and then to a figure-of-four ankle lock. The takedown end position leads neatly into side control. From here we covered the Americana arm-lock, which is comparable to the previous ankle-lock. The class finished with four rounds of MMA sparring.


Senior Lesson


This lesson began with jab and counters, moving onto jab/low round kick with counters. We looked at overlaps from techniques, for example the shin-block leading to a jab or a cross punch. This motion is comparable to the delivery of what has become known as the “Superman” punch in MMA – a dynamic aerial overhand right. The stand-up section was finished with a round of boxing.


Next we examined the kick-catch. I discussed the dangers of going for a low kick-catch – a block or evasion is preferable, as going for the leg with your hands can compromise your guard or set you up for a feign. We then looked at keeping balance if your leg is caught and going in for a clinch. This nicely moved us onto the single leg takedown again. The clinch section was finished with a round of takedown/wrestling sparring.


Instead of going into leg-locks like the previous lesson, we went straight to side control and the Americana. We covered a round the body series of contingency locks. From Americana we transitioned to the Kimura arm-lock from the north south position and from there to the arm-bar. The ground section was finished with a round of submission grappling.


For combat conditioning I introduced students to 300 training. Each complete 150 repetitions of either a bodyweight or medicine ball routine. Each exercise is performed for 30 repetitions.





Triangle Knee Raises

Squat and Kick


Sprawl and Knee


Medicine Ball


Guard Attack


Full Body Defence

Full Squat and Bridge

Full Body Attack



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