Single Leg Set-ups (diary entry)

Cat & Ollie Calf Kick Switch Kick Single LegScreen Shot 2023-03-08 at 15.08.44 zoom mikael lesson single leg single leg 215.11.2023

Tonight’s 1.5 hour lesson transitioned us from ankle picks to single-leg takedowns.

The lesson started with the usual dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics. We then sparred Greco-Roman Wrestling for a three-minute round.

We began the lesson in earnest where we had left off, going over a low shoot into a single-leg takedown. This ideally followed on from the ankle pick as it shared the same external objective: shooting from the inside to take an opponent down on a diagonal line. Important takeaways here were to Here I emphasised the importance of keeping low so that the level change would not be too much. Any set-up could be used here but the preference was to get the opponent rise up a level.

Then we moved onto the collar-tie, using a similar set-up to the first nearside ankle pick. In fact, we used the single leg as a back-up plan if the nearside ankle pick did not work. The difference here was we reversed the direction of the angle of attack. Instead of shooting from the inside, we repositioned to come from the outside.

This type of single leg would differ from the low line version in that it involved picking up the leg. However, it would also differ from previous pick up version I had taught to this client. We hooked the trapped leg with one foot and then gripped the standing leg’s hamstrings in an under-hook before driving for the takedown.

Other variations were the cross-grip and inside bicep two-on-one and the arm-drag.

The lesson concluded with a three-minute round of Freestyle Wrestling sparring.