Single Leg Integration (diary entry)

single leg 1 zoom mikael lesson single leg24.01.2022

Hour seven of my couple’s course on the clinch continued with our work on the single-leg takedowns as we looked at their integration. This aspect was inspired by my clients, who were keen to cover the previous two techniques from a collar/elbow tie. Prior to this we warmed up with our usual wrestler-inspired routine, including footwork and sprawling as well more fluid break-falling and rolling. Sandwiched between the warm-up and technical training, we drilled the collar-ties and over-hook/under-hooks.

The first single-leg – the mid-level version – began with an over the top clinch break, changing the stance and shooting with a deep under-hook to the back of the knee. The low-level single-leg involved a complete breakaway, creating space to shoot in for the ankle.

Finally, I introduced a high-level single-leg takedown. Here the fighter under-hooks the opponent’s leg whilst clinching and without a shoot. They drive their head in higher on the body and secure a second under-hook on the leg, effectively like a two-on-one hold on the leg. From this point they might drive the opponent down, take the back or lift and dump. Again the head position is vital throughout the technique.