Side Control to Scarf Hold (diary entry)

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Monday’s lesson was the final hour of my client’s first MMA course. She and her fellow lockdown partner focused entirely on Submission Grappling. We transitioned to scarf-hold and I introduced a type of arm-bar from this position.

We warmed up with our normal dynamic stretches and then went exclusively into ground-fighting callisthenics. Here I covered bear crawls, spider-crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls, sit-outs, snaking, side-winding and upas.

The lesson then began with a revision of side-control submissions. Here we went back through the Americana key-lock, the arm triangle and the snake choke. Areas I concentrated on were problems with an opponent ducking the chin and the importance of maintaining pressure throughout the execution of the submission.

Next we moved onto the scarf-hold where I introduced a type of arm-bar. All this wasn’t the classical/conventional arm-bar this particular variation is fairly unique to the scarf-hold position and is relatively easy to learn. The technique involves trapping the opponent’s arm between the fighter’s legs. At this point the fighter then simultaneously presses down with one leg and up with the other hyperextending the elbow joint. We also covered the Americana, arm-triangle and snake-choke from this position.

Rather than transitioning into the next logical pin – the north-south – I decided to address the submission we would be covering in its rawest form. We did the Kimura key-lock from standing to better understand how the grip works. Next week we will cover this submission and others from the north-south pin when we begin our new course.