Shoulder Rolls & High Guard (diary entry)

mayweather-shoulder-roll (1)


Saturday’s first lesson saw my client finish his fourth hour his stand-up striking course. We continued work on his high guard and I also added in the shoulder roll. This was worked into both Western Boxing and Muay Thai.

After a series of callisthenic exercises specific to stand-up fighting we did some mirror footwork. I built on this by feeding my client shots to his high guard. We then moved onto the focus mitts, bringing in various combinations that made use of this guard but also exposing its weaknesses. This brought us onto the shoulder and adaptations from the Philly Shell. Next we mixed in kicks, using the structure both from some of the earlier punching combinations and also as counters.

The lesson finished with two rounds of Western Boxing and one round of Muay Thai.


The featured photo, which beautifully illustrates the shoulder roll in a very simple way, comes from the highly recommended Mighty Fighter website.

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