Shoulder Lock and Chaining MMA Techniques (diary entry)

omoplataground and pound 212.02.20


Wednesday night’s Junior Submission Grappling addressed the coil lock/omoplata/sankaku garami from closed guard and chaining together all ranges in senior MMA.


The first lesson began with revision on the arm-bar and the triangle choke from closed guard. Then we addressed attacking the scapula in a triangle entanglement similar to Kimura but performed using the legs. We addressed the importance of engaging the core muscles and gripping the mid-section when rolling into the final submission position. The first lesson ended with a round of submission grappling sparring.


The senior lesson began with setting up takedowns with the hands. This was then followed by punch-kick combinations being used to set up for takedowns. We also revised some dirty boxing, moving onto the wall. From here we went back through the under-hook/shoulder bump/knee strike/over-hook/slashing elbow drill which was then reversed and counter-reversed. We then moved onto setting up for a takedown off the wall by dropping the level, controlling the wrist and knee-bumping. From here we went back through the Khabib ground ‘n pound.


We then completed 3 x 5 minute rounds of MMA sparring.

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