Shoulder & Elbow Bumps (diary entry)



Tonight we resumed more Dirty Boxing work to be integrated into my client’s regular lessons. This included revising material from before, training three combinations and development of an exercise.

We began with clinch training. This started with the collar and elbow pummelling exercise progressing on bulling and checking for balance points. Next we looked at over-hook/under-hook pummelling. We then revised over-hooking and under-hooking to control the clinch for punching. The main emphasis here is respond to blocks by under-hooking or over-hooking the blocking arm and resuming strikes to the other side. If a cross-block is used this can lead to a double-arm trap.

We then went through some dirty boxing combinations – jab/cross/hook/straight shoulder-bump/hook/cross, jab/cross/hook/upward shoulder-bump/hook/cross and jab/cross/hook/horizontal elbow strike to the body/rear uppercut/lead hook.

We then finished a curve knee clinch drill, introducing a Muay Thai element.

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