Shoulder Bumps and Low Kicks (diary entry)

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My teacher training Zoom lesson delved further into Dirty Boxing tactics and also the closer range more angled variation of the low round kick.

We began with some footwork. This started as simply copying each other’s movements and then changed into cornering exercises. These exercises were then layered with posting on the defender’s behalf, followed by adding on the shoulder bump. Then we switched to the attacker using the shoulder bump. This exercise encourages tight coupling of efficient cornering footwork with the bumping action.

The shoulder bump was the sandwiched between jab/cross/hook and low round kick/liver shot. The low round-kick offered a more severe angulation on the trajectory keeping the fighter in close range with her opponent. The liver shot reverses the power line offered by the kick, coming in on the opposite side of the opponent’s body.

We then moved onto the wall, bringing the shoulder bump into the clinch range. Here we drilled a shoulder-bump off an under-hook chained with a spear knee strike off the same side and a slashing elbow strike from the opposite side into a re-pummel, continuing the combination on the other side. We turned this into a flow drill by having the partner against wall turning the striking partner. Next week this will be linked in with the knee-bump and a takedown into Khabib’s ground ‘n pound.


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