Shadow Ground Training Progresses (diary entry)

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Monday night’s online video lesson was my client’s fifth hour of Mixed Martial Arts training. Due to the lock-down situation that has meant our regular face-to-face lessons are now adapted to online live video tutorials, I was grateful for the assistance of my client’s live-in partner. I do not charge any extra if other people who are self-isolating with my client wish to join in or assist with the lessons. Tonight we linked up some grappling with the break-falls and we also expanded upon the ground fighting section.


We warmed up with Boxing and Muay Thai techniques performed slowly using them as dynamic stretches. Once the core temperature was up we began linking these techniques together with takedowns and takedown defences. I then moved us back onto break-fall practice, where we linked in rolls and even a double-leg takedown.


We then went to the ground and moved through side control to scarf-hold to north south to the opposite side scarf-hold and north-south. Having run through it a few times I suggested my client bring in her partner, which made visualising the techniques a lot easier.


The lesson finished with a round of shadow sparring, linking in the new material with the existing skill base.

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