Shadow Boxing, Virtual Pad-Work & Heavy Bag (diary entry)

third workout cover 219.11.20

My client’s third hour of a 10 hour Muay Thai course was a high intensity 10 x 3 minute round session. We began with isolated combinations and techniques, we had a round of virtual focus mitt training and then three rounds on the heavy bag, building up techniques. Given the client’s high level of skill and experience, this was an extremely focused lesson of explosive techniques.

The shadow technique rounds were all separated into 1.5 minutes per combination. The one minute rests in-between were carried out in active recovery mode.

Round 1 – Lead and rear horizontal elbow/lead and rear spear elbow

Round 2 – Cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead spear elbow/Jab, right hook, liver shot, rear spear elbow

Round 3 – Jab, knee, lead horizontal elbow/jab, rear hook, switch-knee, rear horizontal elbow

Round 4 – Switch-kick, rear round kick/jab, cross, switch-kick, jab, cross, hook, rear round kick

Round 5 – Lead teep, rear teep/shin-check, lead teep, shin-check, rear teep

Round 6 – Jab, cross, switch-kick, kick-catch, knee bomb/jab, cross, teep, low round kick, high round kick

Round 7 – Virtual focus mitt work

Round 8 – Heavy bag linear strikes

Round 9 – Heavy bag linear strikes plus circular strikes

Round 10 – Heavy bag linear and circular strikes plus clinch, knees and upward strikes

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