Setting up Strikes Inside the Clinch (diary entry)

spinning elbow



My client’s Second Course of Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross-Training brought us to the seven and a half hour point. This morning we focused on the clinch. We warmed up with some basic kickboxing combinations I would use to set the mechanics in place for the short-range strikes. This consisted of the four punch-kick combinations. We then revised the jumping knee and jumping smash-down elbow.


The clinch work then began with set-ups for the spear knee, diaganal knee and round knee strikes. Then we moved onto footwork, forwards, backwards, sideways and the v-step inside the clinch. This was then combined with the different knee-strike set-ups. After this we covered set-ups for the horizontal, slashing, diagonal, spear and backward elbow strikes. These were then also combined with footwork in the clinch.


We finished the class with kick-catching and counters with the spinning elbow and the jumping spear knee.

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