Seminar Rehearsal

Jamie Clubb coaches two seminar students in a pre-emptive strike drill12.09.18

Tonight might be more considered to be something of a rehearsal than a training session. Nevertheless, everyone got a workout! Quite simply I got together two of my regular clients to rehearse as my assistants for the upcoming seminar with Peter Jones’s Kajuen Ryu Aiki-Ju Jutsu club in Worcester on 23rd September (please contact Peter via his website  for details on booking your place). The first half of the seminar is concerned with training children’s self-protection, a shortened version of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” course. The second half will focus on Clubb Chimera Martial Arts training concepts for adults. It was the second half that we went through today.

We began with our progressive and specific sparring warm-up, building into pressure-tests to examine the distinction between sporting and self-defence dynamics. Next we looked at postures and transitioning, mainly dealing with striking (although there are grappling applications). Then we moved into clinch-work and dirty boxing. Finally we practised Feedback Loop Training and the Switch. More details on all of this will be covered in the upcoming seminar and the subsequent report.

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