Self-Defence on the Ground (diary entry)

ground and pound 218.02.21

Thursday night’s lesson was a teacher consultancy session in preparation for Monday’s “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar. We have been covering the grappling section because of its relevance for peer-on-peer and anti-abduction training. The ground section deals primarily with symmetrical ground-fighting. However, we briefly looked at defending against a standing enemey. Like all aspects of ground fighting for self-defence the priority is to get to a standing position.

We then went through the postures and transitions from top position. This consisted of transitioning from being in-guard to combat base (genuflect) to standing and transitioning from natural pins such as the full-mount and scarf-hold. The danger with most pins is that if you are the person on top you are entangled and can be prone to attacks from other aggressors. Therefore it is important to know how to combatively extract yourself from the position by transitioning into knee-pin and then standing. Throughout this process you need to be combatively fluid i.e. regularly striking and preventing the other person from grabbing.

Next, we moved to fighting from the back. This began with the guard position, where we covered escaping to standing and sweeping to standing. Then we went to escaping the full-mount position, where I taught a reversal and escaping to standing.

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