Self-Defence & Introduction to Incidental Weapons

Marines practice groundfighting

Marines practice groundfighting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We began the session with a complete revision of self-defence hard skills. We began with the fence and pre-emptive striking. This moved into power development and transitioning through differnent postures – standing, kneeling, seated and on the back. We covered straight hand strikes, hooks and uppercuts, as well as close-quarter strikes and kicks. Next we moved onto the cover; recovering from attacks and anti-grappling followed by combat grappling. The revision was complete with asymmetrical and symmetrical ground fighting drills.


We then moved onto some stick and knife work, which are used to drill incidental weaponary. I used seven angles of attack, emphasizing the same body mechanics for a blunt instrument, a knife and forearms.


Some soft skills were addressed at the end of the lesson. Jeff Cooper’s Colour Code was an object of concern that needs to be understood. This is a basic tool for teaching awareness.

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