Scissor Sweep & Footwork Patterns (diary entry)

scissor sweep19.02.20


Wednesday night’s Junior Submission Grappling went back over sweeps from the basic guard. In preparation for Friday’s closed workshop and March’s open workshop, the Senior MMA class worked on footwork and the clinch.


The junior class began with the hip-bump sweep. This is the most basic of sweeps from guard and is also another example of using the Kimura setup. After this sweep I took the opportunity of covering the Kimura sweep from guard. We then covered the scissor sweep which has some similarities with the hip-bump albeit from a longer range. This sweep also introduced my client to the scissor guard which can be a strong controlling position.


Senior MMA began with 4 x 2 minute rounds of coaching on different ranges. Round one focused on using boxing combinations as entrance points for clinching. Round two used kickboxing as entrance points for clinching. Round three put the fighter in a clinch and in the guard where he worked to break posture and to strike. Round four was concerned with the wall both at clinch and ground ranges.


We then took the intensity down with a look at the new footwork pattern covered in previous diary entries. We went through stand-up and two clinch variations on this movement exercise, layering in punches, kicks, knees and takedowns.


The lesson finished with one five minute round of sparring.


The above photograph comes from this excellent instructional video by Jordan Hix