Scarf-Hold Submissions, Defence from the Cage & Half Guard (diary entry)

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Wednesday evening’s junior lesson revised escapes from scarf-hold and focused on attacks from this position. The senior lesson continued MMA training with more work against the cage and fighting from the half-guard.


The junior lesson began with a warm up of crawls, snaking and submission grappling callisthenics. We then quickly ran through the pin transition drill. This was followed a revision of escaping side control both as a reversal and pulling guard as well as escaping scarf-hold. We went over both the classic headlock scarf-hold and the under-hook version. The lesson then moved onto the attacks from scarf-hold. We covered its unique arm-bar, Americana, Kimura, triangle choke and snake choke.


The senior lesson began with a warm-up on the focus mitts where all freestyle combinations were finished with a takedown entry. We then went back through the basic stand-up to takedown combinations I have been covering over the past few weeks. This was followed with work against the cage. We then drilled half-guard into lockdown defence for MMA. We trained the knee shield and the dog-fight sweep.


The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds of clinch against the cage, half-guard sparring and general MMA sparring.




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