Same Side Combinations (diary entry)

shin blockmuay thai small04.11.19


The sixth hour of my second course of Muay Thai focused on same side combinations. We looked at simple techniques such as the jab, the cross, the hook, the teep and the round kick. Previously I have mainly taught opposite side combinations. This serves as a good way to coordinate flow and weight transference in Muay Thai. Punches and kicks blend easier for beginners when they are performed in a piston-like fashion, and are comparable to the way basic combinations are put together in Western Boxing. Furthermore, most of Muay Thai’s techniques rely a lot on using the entire body and is most efficiently done by using the momentum of one limb from one side of the body to generate power into the opposing side’s limb.


We warmed up with mirror foot-work. Here, I explained, the fighter can spend some time maintaining the correct range, establish timing and look for potential opening in an opponent. From here I encouraged placing a few techniques and simple combinations. We then warmed up with some one-for-one sparring. This was followed by some pad-work, where I focused on various small adjustments to the high guard and ways to improve power in round kicks.


We looked at the lead side first, working the jab and the switch-kick. This is an easy start for the lead side as the lead kick is effectively turned into a rear kick. Then we worked on the cross and the rear-leg round kick. This same side combination is also relatively easy as the rear leg relies on the momentum and torqueing motion of the same side hand to help generate force. In this instance the hand is simply turned into a cross. These were then combined, paying especial attention to the way the switch-kick sets up the cross.  Then we used a lead hook to set up the teep followed by a rear hook/rear round kick combination. We then did some freestyle focus mitt work, incorporating a few fight tactics such as set-ups using the switch-kick and the use of knees and kicks against boxing combinations.


The lesson finished 4 x 2 minute rounds. The first two rounds isolated teeps and jab against everything and the second two rounds isolated hooks and round kicks against everything.

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