Saddler & Zale in MMA (diary entry)

half guard attack22.09.21

Wednesday night’s training was a junior and senior MMA lesson. The first looked at using the half-guard and the second also covered this, but also used the combinations of the great sluggers, Sandy Saddler and Tony Zale respective nemesises of Willie Pep and Rocky Graziano.

Half-guard has evolved to become an important part of ground-fighting in MMA. The knee-shield and the lockdown are particularly important parts of this guard that can be used to better control someone fighting from the top position. We covered sweeps and knee-bars using these positions. The lesson finished with a round of specific sparring.

The senior lesson went straight into some basic striking combinations to set up single and double leg takedowns that involved kicks. We first looked at using the shin-check to set up a single leg and then moved into baiting mid-section round kicks into kick-catches that were turned into takedowns. Inspired by recent “learn from the fight” lessons, I incorporated Sammy Saddler’s right cross/liver shot combination and Tony Zales uppercut to the body/lead hook combination.





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