Rubber Guard & Half Guard Review (diary entry)

omoplata specific sparring22.06.2022

My senior submission grappling/ground-fighting lesson was an hour and a half full review of the rubber guard. After a sport specific warm-up, we went back through Eddie Bravo’s rubber guard setup – half-guard/lockdown/catch/rubber guard – and also completed the rubber guard flow drill – mission control/New York/chill-dog/invisible collar.

Then we trainScreen Shot 2022-06-23 at 12.51.45ed the  gogo-clinch as taught by Brandon Mccaghren. This occurs when the shoulder has been isolated in the rubber guard and the neck is trapped with a single hand grip. The fighter then reinforces the hold with a gable grip, encircling his own knee and the opponent’s head with a free arm and squeezing the arms into the body, using the radial bone on his opponent’s throat. When the opponent pushes against the fighter’s foot the other leg closes the triangle.

The next submission used this same starting position to set up a gogoplata submission. Here the free arm only encircles the head and grips the foot.

Next we went through chill-dog attacks and contingencies, transitioning from gogo-clinch to gogoplata to omoplata to leg triangle.

The lesson finished with 5 x 5 minute rounds of sparring:

Round 1 – Half Guard

Round 2 – Half Guard

Round 3 – Rubber Guard

Round 4 – Rubber Guard

Round 5 – Full Sparring, starting from stand-up clinch.


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