Round Knees and Back Kicks (diary entry)

curve knee23.08.19

Monday night saw the completion of my client’s Basic Course in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised all the material covered in previous lessons – focusing on the round knee and sweeps – and I introduced the back kick.

Training began with a warm-up circuit of agility/coordination exercises. These footwork drills allowed for an autonomous selection of various techniques that can be thrown on angle and made use of both the ladders and cones.

We then moved onto focus-mitt/belly pad work. This area of training focused on using the teep to gauge distances and also brought in punching combinations and knee strikes. We then moved onto the clinch and I worked a lot on the use of the round knee. The round knee in the clinch has a particular rhythm and is also great for setting up sweeps.

Next I brought out the Thai pads with the belly pad and we combined a striking entry to a clinch and then a breakaway with a kick.

We then went through the 1-4 punch/kick combinations and I introduced the jab/rear round kick/lead round kick/cross combination. The lesson was finished with the introduction to the back kick.

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