Rolling & Spinning Knee Bars (diary entry)


Hour five of my couple client’s submission grappling course continued with the knee bar theme. Having introduced this technique in the previous lesson from half-guard, we were able to better explore its execution. This was performed from both top and bottom positions of the half-guard.

The lesson began with some rudimentary dynamic stretching and a new full-body flow drill – downward dog/three-leg dog/pigeon/three-leg dog/twisted lizard x 10 each side.

In order to teach my clients how to use the shoulder roll to defend and attack, we performed a series of side rolls into omoplata position (a type of crooked pigeon pose). Next I had them drill rolling from turtle into guard against waistlock and stacking. This is a great drill to train both sides’ reactions.

We then moved onto the main techniques. Last lesson we covered the simple mechanics of the knee bar and toe hold. This time we tightened up the attack from the bottom position and executed a rolling knee bar. After this we training a spinning knee bar from the top position.