Road to Recovery Continues (diary entry)

road to recovery diary07.12.20

The fifth hour of my clients’ current online Skype course saw longer combination work. One of the two sharing a bubble is developing kicks and the other has a knee injury and focusing on punching. My plan is to follow on from last week’s lead in going through a series of timed rounds using combinations where the kicker adds on kicks and the puncher adds on extra defensive work. After a warm-up , we went through 5 x 3 minute rounds focusing on five combinations adapted for each of the two clients. The rounds were a mixture of Thai and Dutch based combinations. Muay Thai combination work included elbow strikes and more alternate side striking whereas Dutch Kickboxing brought in lengthier and more asymmetrical punching combinations. After the five rounds, I had them both do their own intensive round split into 6 x 30 second continous bursts. The client with the knee injury worked on speed and power punching from compromised positions on the focus mitts. The kicking client performed 2 x 30 seconds punch/kick combinations alternating between legs followed by 2 x 30 seconds rapid no-pivot round kicks and 2 x 30 seconds full-pivot round kicks.



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