Rhythm & Flow Combinations 10-13 (diary entry)

kickboxing elbow private lesson25.01.21

My second Monday night client began her new 10 hour course on stand-up fighting and kickboxing. She trains with her lockdown partner who is recoverying from knee surgery who we adapt the kicking techniques to punching techniques. Like my Saturday client, one of my teacher clients and my current booking with Athena School of Karate, my Monday night client has been working through 14 Muay Thai combinations. Tonight, we revised combination number nine as a warm-up before progressing all the way to combination number 13. These combinations are excellent for pad-work, but we have found them to be really good for line-work as well. They have a distinct Dutch influence, often characterized by aggressive fluid counters and lengthy punching combinations to camouflage kicks. Their main objective is to promote rhythm and flow, which is a point I make when we we cover combination 10 and 12 that involve doubling up on the kicks without any checking techniques.

Combination number 11 pairs a cross with rear double-step low kick. I use this to execute something we have ended up affectionately calling the “skater kick” and can be a very effective strike to the calf. It’s a kick used by one of modern fight history’s greatest low kickers: Ernesto Hoost. Combination 12 uses something referred to as a Dutch block that I was always taught in Muay Thai as a set up for a kick catch. Combination 13 gives us our first elbow and links it with a lead knee strike and a lead round kick. I use the momentume of the rear elbow to turn the knee strike into a switch-knee and potentially a switch-kick.

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