Revision & the Cover at Kingham Hill School (diary)

cover close06.11.19


I returned to Kingham Hill School on Wednesday to continue their fifth course on self-protection. Due to a rather lengthy break in this course we revised a lot of the previous information before progressing onto new material. The hard skills section began with a warm-up of commentary walking followed by tactical escape drills, escape footwork, agility work, covers, sprawling and striking whilst on the move. We then moved onto target familiarisation, impact development and incidental combinations. I didn’t go over hunting and obstacle clearance due to time constraints. We moved onto the cover. Here we all tested the cover’s effectiveness by receiving strikes to the structure and then looked at making it mobile. We then trained its application as a code white exercise.


Soft skills discussions stemmed from my Halloween podcast focusing on early awareness, defeating denial and defeating the bystander effect.

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