Reviewing the Half-Guard (diary entry)


Tonight’s lesson turned into an unashamed revision of my client’s previous lesson. Not only did I not add on techniques or introduce new techniques, we reduced the number of moves executed in the previous lesson. This was important due to certain fundamental details we needed to better confirm. Half-guard is a very useful position for no-gi grappling and there is a burgeoning contingent of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu-inspired fighters that are arguing its place more in MMA.

If you recall, we were looking at the half-guard in submission grappling. We re-covered taking the back, Half_guard_in_Brazilian_Jiu-Jitsurear naked choke, arm-bar from the back using the kimura hold and two lock-down sweeps.

Next lesson I intend to begin from the lockdown and explore this area in more detail.

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