Reverse-Coaching (diary entry)


Hour 15 of my teacher consultancy course/CPD taught to Drum Kenpo Ju Jitsu explored further ideas to put young people in charge of crisis situations.

I went back to my running a children’s class where I cultivated a self-critiquing and problem solving atmosphere. Building off the principle-centred training methodology of my previous lesson, we discussed how an entire class can be run in a democratic fashion by young students. The class begins with the more experienced students leading the warm-up. From here they put it to the vote what areas are weakest in their current training. A vote decides the priority and the techniques are first trained at face value. The class then assesses the biggest problems being experienced by students and training pairs are also critiqued by the class. Finally, the class moves onto specific testing criteria. All of this is supervised by the adult teacher whose role, besides safeguarding, is only to advise and to not instruct or coach.

We then discussed on role-reversal coaching. Here the coach or the person playing the role of an antagonist is made to follow the student. From a combat sport perspective, the striker plays a defensive role or a baiting role. From a self-defence perspective, scenarios are set up whereby the student tries to be proactive and intercepts an antagonist in a social violence situation. This latter situation can be set up with a list of possible scenarios being randomly selected for training pairs or groups.

It was great to see my client running with the above suggested idea, creating a wide variety of scenario options for his students try in a self-defence raffle. I look forward to hearing how it all went down in his lesson.


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