Reversals & Combinations at all Ranges (diary entry)

kick catch 2DSC_045406.11.19


My junior class tonight covered reversing side control and the Americana. My senior class looked at a series of MMA combinations from each range.


The junior class began with agility ladder warm-ups using crawling top position movements followed by snaking and bridging exercises, fighting from underneath. We then moved onto pin transitions, drilling three times from each side before putting this under mild resistance. We then looked at those particular counter techniques, revising last week’s snaking out to get the guard position and introducing the reversal against side control. Next we covered the Americana key-lock.


The senior class also covered various agility exercises in its warm-up taking into account all ranges – stand-up, clinch and ground. Then we did one-for-one kicking drill which evolved into looking at different types of round kick- low, mid, high, switch, Dutch and Brazilian. We then looked at MMA southpaw and attacks to the southpaw stance with up-jab/cross/single-leg takedown and question mark uppercut/cross/single-leg takedown. Going to the ground we covered attacking from the top position in guard. Here we used strikes to the open guard and posture/lean back to set up a straight ankle-lock.